PROGRAM Overview

For over a decade, Rerip has collected thousands of unwanted surfboards, fins, and wetsuits through its partnerships with surf shops and ocean friendly businesses, dedicated volunteers, and surf manufacturers throughout California. 



Many boards given to the program are in great shape. Rerip works with local ding repair craftsman at Coconut Peets to make sure the boards are watertight. Many of the boards are given away to non-profit organizations, schools, groms or people in need.  Some of these boards are resold for nominal prices. The monies are used to sustain the program.



Once collected, boards are inventoried depending on their current state.  Unrideable and broken boards are used by artists and do-it-yourselfers to create unique art pieces.  Rideable boards are repaired to be surfed again.  Some boards are resold; and many are given away to schools, non-profits, and people in need.




Rerip collects any board in any condition. Artists and organizations near and far seek these boards to repurpose them into art pieces, showers, bedframes, benches, fences, displays or signage. Everything from fins and broken bits to complete boards have been salvaged and reused. There are many mixed media works and fine art paintings created out of something that would have otherwise been buried in the dump.



With most reuse endeavors, there is still some waste.  Rerip has experimented with putting broken boards into concrete for non structural uses, like patios and parking stoppers.  They have also used virgin foam dust as filler in concrete for kitchen counter tops and bars. 

Rezip Auto Program                    


Rerip is launching phase one of it's new program, REZIP.  REZIP is a unique auto program designed to put a dent in the 1.3 million vehicles (in California alone!) that will reach the end of their life this year.  By partnering with a team of mechanics at Coconut Peet's, donated autos will not only have a chance at a second life, but will provide training, internships and ultimately jobs for transitional aged youth (TAY).  TAY are young adults between the ages of 18 and 26 who are often considered "at risk" due to behavioral health issues, mental illness, or homelessness.  All donations will provide a training ground for repair, problem solving, customer service, digital marketing, event planning and other general business operations.  

                                                                                                           Click here if you are interested in an internship.



In conjunction with the Solana Beach Lifeguard Association, Rerip hosts the annual Iron Mike Festival, a beach fair featuring a youth surf contest, paddle board race, board swap, vendor booths, raffle, beer garden and live music. Proceeds from the day are used to create scholarships for those who want to start a career in outdoor, life saving endeavors. If you are interested, please send and email to to request an application.