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Rerip was founded in 2006 by Meghan Dambacher and Lisa Randall.  The company, then called "Rerip.com", started as an online classifieds specific for those selling surf, snow and skate gear.  The goal was to raise awareness about sustainability in the surf industry while providing a venue for the community to “rerip” their old equipment.  The website featured advertisers and companies who made new products with the environment in mind.  Rerip also hosted fundraising events which included these companies’ vendor booths, live music, art, surf contests, and a board swap.  

As Rerip’s message grew, surfers soon needed a place beyond Meghan's back yard to bring unwanted boards and gear.  Rerip established their first drop-off spot at Patagonia, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA.  Boards that were either too beat to resell, unsurfable, or still usable for someone at a different surfing level were--and still are--donated weekly.  As more surfing cities inquired about drop off points in their towns, Rerip moved away from the online classifieds and became the first-ever surfboard recycling company, registering with the IRS as a 501c3 non profit organization.


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Rerip Part 1

To learn more about the evolution and story of Rerip, check out Part I of a three part video series made by Rerip’s Volunteer Marketing Director, Jeffrey Lee. 

Rerip PArt 2

rerip Part 3



Below are Rerip's dedicated partners and friends.  These companies have allowed Rerip to grow and continue to fulfill it's mission: to keep surfboards out of landfills.  Can't thank everyone enough!