Rerip's Rezip Auto Program Launches Phase One

Rerip is launching phase one of it's new program, REZIP.  REZIP is a unique auto program designed to put a dent in the 1.3 million vehicles (in California alone!) that will reach the end of their life this year.  By partnering with a team of mechanics at Coconut Peet's, donated autos will not only have a chance at a second life, but will provide training, internships and ultimately jobs for transitional aged youth (TAY).  TAY are young adults between the ages of 18 and 26 who are often considered "at risk" due to behavioral health issues, mental illness, or homelessness.  All donations will provide a training ground for repair, problem solving, customer service, digital marketing, event planning and other general business operations.  

Click here if you are interested in an internship.