Keeping Surfboards out of Landfills


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Rerip is a 501c3 non profit organization striving to minimize waste and share resources.  Run by a team of volunteers, Rerip manages California drop off locations so surfers can donate their unwanted boards, fins and wetsuits.  Recently, Rerip launched their automobile reuse program, Rezip, hoping to replicate their surf model with cars and trucks.  Always advocating for cleaner industry, Rerip also hosts local events and awareness campaigns for surf and environmental education and action.  Any amount donated is tax deductible, helps Rerip grow its programs, and is extremely appreciated! 


For over a decade, Rerip has gathered thousands of unwanted surfboards, fins, wetsuits and gear, and have had a blast giving them new lives and homes.  Donations are inventoried for repair, giveaways, art, downcycling and resale.  Click below to learn more about our programs and ways you can be involved!